Name: Khampian Phabsaneh
Born: 4. November 1976, Petchabun, Thailand
Lives : Mo i Rana, Norway

My name is Khampian Phabsaneh - nickname Moon. I came to Norway on the 7. Mars 2004. When I first came to Norway, I attended school for the first two and a half years in order to learn norwegian. As of this writing, I'm employed by Rana Kommune, working at Selfors barneskole, where I mainly clean the classrooms.

This is my 3rd. stay here in Mo i Rana, I came visiting my husband first time may 2003, and then again the same winter. It was cold - but, not a very big problem. In fact, he often now complains about the cold before I do ... hehe

I now have my own pair of 'ski', and I'm getting better at it every time. Unfortunately, we haven't had time to go as much as we both have wanted, but maybe next winter. The problem has often been that either it has been very cold, or the weather haven't been that good. Either that, or we have gone to Thailand on holiday. We often do that during the easter holiday.

During summer I enjoy fishing and trips in general, as long as its outside and the weather is good. Most of the time I even beat my husband when it comes to getting the most amount of fish. Maybe that is why I love it so much ;)

If you want to get in contact with me, please feel free to contact me by Email or MSN messanger. Just add the address up in the right hand corner.

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