Name: Sverre Winge Larsson
Born : 8. February 1968
Lives : Mo i Rana, Norway

My favorite hobby is (was) probably Online gaming, where Tribes2 was a definate #1. I was one of the guys that formed and ran 'The w00ting Clan', using the tag '-=TWC=-'. We played competative between 2001 and 2003, before we descided that enough was enough. It is still to this day the best only game I've ever tried. But, like any online game - it is essential that you have anyone to play against. Tribes2 unfortunately is dead now - competatively. Currently, the Playstation4 is my choosen gaming platform. I still prefer FPS games, where the Call of Duty series are the ones I've enjoyed the most.

One other hobby of mine is diving. I have a PADI divemaster certificate, even though I recon myself not to fully qualify for this level since I havent been attending this hobby very much lately. At least not here in Norway. It was during such activity I first met my wife in Thailand where I stayed for about 3 months, learning the country and fell in love with the country and people. Of course, since I have a wife from Thailand, we do visit it on a regular basis.

I also enjoy fishing very much. I prefer flyfishing and I just love my Garry Loomis rod. I tie my own flies, and lately I have told myself to attend to this a bit more than I have recently. Only problem now, as a husband, is to make my wife understand why I want to stand there for hours withut getting anything. In most cases, flyfishing ain't that effective. But, then again. Thats life. If you enjoy what you do. Ain't that most important ?

I take some picture. Just recently invested in a new Canon 7D. A camera I simply love. Still consider myself as a true beginner, but as stated above. As long as you love something ....

Music .. well, what can I say - I like music, but I don't listend to it on a daily basis. I tend to fall back to these artists from some odd reason I cannot explaind : Primus, Chemical Brothers, Black Sabbath and Daft Punk ... confused ? So am I :)

I cannot talk about hobbies without talking about computers as well. I, as many others my age started off with the C-64, went trough my Amiga period before ending up with regular PC's. I prefer RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) as server operating system, and Fedora (RedHat sponsored) is my prefered desktop system nowadays. I code some, and to give you a picture of how nerd'y I am. Almost all my code is written in Perl, and my favorite editor is Vim. :)

I have worked for Evry for almost 16 years, before moving on to my current employer 'Nasjonalbiblioteket' I would not be surprised if I end my career @ this location. Really enjoy the technology challanges. Unfortunately, the website does not live up to what really is happening behind the scenes.

How to contact me

If for some reason you want to contact me, it can be done in several ways.
IRC is maybe for some people an 'outdated' way of contacting people, but, since I'm an old computer geek, I'm still around :-)

Nickname: 'Thalamus', IRC-Network: '#rana@EFnet, #perl, #fedora, #foreman, #puppet, #redhatnorway or #centos@Freenode' or #ovirt@oftc.
I do also have an ICQ account, but, well - what can I say. I'm almost never logged on. Still, this is my ICQ number '12380769'.

I've made my email addresses into picture formats, due to spam robots and stuff. I have a second one - given by my ISP, but, I prefer that anyone that don't know this address, instead contact me by the one above.

my gmail-address flag of norway

Please note, From the 1. October 2010, I've deleted my hotmail address that I've used for years. Enough having just google spying on me ... *grin*

My Public PGP key

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