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24 January, 2018

Outlook and Preview Pange

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I have a love/hate relationship with outlook. I prefer to use it over webmail @ work, but, I so friggin hate some off the default settings. The absolute worst is the reading pane. So, my trick into making Outlook behave is delete the Outlook on the desktop. Make a new shortcut and then just add


as a parameter.

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24 October, 2017

sudo to another user

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Maybe topic is a bit misleading. But, there might be cases where the admin has given you permission to use sudo to become another user on the system. Eg. “As Whom” in a IDM like freeIPA.

$ sudo -iu tomcat
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11 October, 2017

ssh tunnel to gitlab

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Establish the http proxy tunnel ( don’t disconnect it )

$ ssh -L 8080: ssh-proxy-host ( is running gitlab )

In another terminal, I can now use git over the localhost to the tunnel on port 8080

$ git clone http://localhost:8080/repo/repo.git
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3 September, 2017

Almost finished

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So, I’m not sure if I’ll add a glass or not. I should however put on those side rails. I haven’t really taken any pictures showing the artwork on the sides. So, here is a few pictures that should at least show some of if.

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8 August, 2017

Almost there …

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So, today I’ve put together the last parts of my build. I was curios, would I manage to get all the additions working ?
Short answer … pretty much.

Testing Monster Bash and ACDC

There is still some tweaking to do, tilt and nudge adjustments and I forgot a critical part. To extend the on/off button for my damn computer. Don’t know how many times I’ve told myself I needed to remember that. Sigh, must be getting old.

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6 August, 2017

Soon ?

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Some progress during this weekend. I just wonder what will happen once I turn the power back on. Still have a few things to do. And I know that I’m not going to be happy with my play-field solution. I’m going to redo it. Probably using Plexiglas or something in that direction.

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27 July, 2017

A lazy build day

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Today I was tired and had me a long afternoon sleep. So, I only adjusted the monitor and put up the side graphics. Tomorrow, if the weather is fine I will probably not touch this project. BBQ at a friends place sounds like a better way to spend the friday afternoon.

Hope to continue on the cab on Saturday.

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Backglass almost finished … or ?

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So, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the back-glass. This is the current result. I’m not 100% happy with it yet. The monitor is a bit crooked, but, that should be a easy fix. Just was too tired after struggling with things I simply hadn’t planned for.

I’m beginning to wonder if this needs to be re-done in another way. I’ve used magnets to hold the front panel in place. Will the sound and vibrations from the speakers affect how these are holding up ? Is the DMD too near the speakers ? I guess I’ll have to run some tests.

If I’m pleased with it, then I guess it is time to add some graphics to the sides.

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24 July, 2017

Updated status on my Pincab

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So, I’ve made some progress. Not much to say really. I’m still thinking about how to attach the backglass apron. At the moment, magnets seems like a good idea. Time will tell I guess.

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21 July, 2017

So … back to start ?

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Used this morning to tear down my cab to the bone. It is finally time to start the final build. Last time, it was winter and I really didn’t have all the parts. Now, I believe at least to have all the parts needed and ready. So … current status pic.

Current status.

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