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19 December, 2015

Logitech profiler and steam games

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So, I want to start games via the logitech profiler. Because I can then adjust all my keys on my old momo racing wheel and get them all fully working in – this awsome racing game, dirt rally.

Right click the icon that steam provides you. It should read something like this …


Now in logitech profiler – make a custom startup with these parameters and your good.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch  310560
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24 September, 2011

Google – Facebook and the frigtening internet.

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Damn, there is no way around these beast. No one is upset that almost all your personal information gets stored on some US servers ? Was sitting here in my sofa – enjoying some old Beatles records, and came upon “Blackbird” by “The Beatles”. Funny thing was that it reminded my of my old math teacher – Stรฅle Flagstad, wich I looked up by google. Sure. Facebook profile. Hmm .. scary. He was suddenly only some clicks away from contact I could have to register by one of the major beasts … Facebook :p ( shivers, lured into the net of the evil beast ) only because I wanted to say hi. But, well … does it really matter ? I use Google on a regular basis, and have a gmail account. So, why would I ever bother to fear facebook – same shit isn’t it ?

I’m doomed… I know – and have knowns for some time …but, still without any facebook account ๐Ÿ™‚ For some odd reason I still trust google more than Facebook. I know … don’t tell me ๐Ÿ™‚

…. heh – bet I’m now not allowed into the US … ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you .. considered what you really provide … out there ? – you definatly should !!

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… my friday rant …

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God damn – linux community – unite !

By now the kernel is awesome – mainly the desktops guis and prefered package managers for each distro’s are separating us all form a really great thing. We need to get rid of the … special requirements if you run Fedora, Ubuntu whatever – simple things like installing standard common internet applications of today should not need to be a expert linux guru – related issue. It should be available by pressing ONE singe button. ‘AdobeReader’, ‘Flash’, ‘Spotify’ … the list is very long. We need to make it available by a simple click. I’m a RedHat fan. I must admit. I think their way of keeping their focus on the business end is very sane and important for every linux user. In fact. I go even further. Without them linux would not nothing near the popular what is is today. Someone is NOT going to agree on that comment ๐Ÿ™‚
Why do I meantion RedHat then ? Well, their goal is ….the other way around. EVERYTHING need to be free. Its their policy, not mine. Sure, you really think that some day that is really going to work ? I would love it to be so – but, no is multi billion dollar industry that is not going to buldge for a 10% user base. Dream on, get over it.

We do have the best kernel, we have the best of everything ( IMO ) – the GUI ( and ofc – API) is keeping us seperated. Yes, I know its is very important, if you prefer A before B, I hate going from A to B myself. But, at least – lets make it easer for the com’s give us a simpler way of integrating their products into our world. No matter of what frigging GUI we need to have it running in.

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20 August, 2011

Got my capture camera clip today

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Whoohoo ! Today I finally got my new Capture Camera Clip which I supported the production for by becoming a so called backer on I’m loving it already.

Update, 12 September :

This tool is definatly something that you want to get for yourself. Order it off Peter Dering at his website PeakDesign. I’ve used it since August, and to be honest it was one of the reasons I decided to upgrade for my 7D. Why ? – you may ask. Well, carrying around a camera, just got so much easier. The 7D isn’t the lightest camera around – but, attached to the strap of my backpack it simply feels like its not there even. Carrying it on my normal belt buckle however is a different matter. I feel it – but, that even is much much better than carrying it around my neck. That is a very important difference, don’t you agree ?

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25 February, 2007

Ordered a used Canon 350D – now I can’t wait to get started shooting.

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Whoa. Thursday I finally decided the waiting time was over. I crawled the internet for a used Canon 350D cameras and I was fortunate enough to find a guy selling such. Now, I’m counting the hours, waiting and waiting. Constantly checking the new for any changes to the shipment. Don’t you hate buying some new hardware and you’ll have to wait for it to arrive ? I surely do. And it ALWAYS takes forever ๐Ÿ™‚


It seems to have arrived at Fauske. Wh00h00 – this means, it should arrive tomorrow.

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4 January, 2007

Happy new year all !

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So, another year have passed and I’m just getting older. Funny stuff ain’t it ? :p Well, not much more to say about that except that I wish you all a happy new year. I myself have had a normal start on the new year, just as expected like. Back to work and days are going slower than ever. Maybe because I want to go home and do some fun stuff with the computer rather using it as a work tool. But, hey – thats how it is being in the business that I am I guess. Was a tad bored yesterday, could not sleep so I wipped up a new layout to the front page. Ugly as hell, but well – my old one was even worse. Would not be surprised if the next thing I’m going to do when I can’t sleep, would be to do it all over again.

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25 December, 2006

X-mas pictures added to gallery

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Today I sat down, added a few x-mas pictures to my gallery. Nothing special really. Mainly for the family. Direct link here.

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22 December, 2006

Just added some pictures to my gallery today.

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At Moons 30th birthday we had some friends over for some drinks and of course – food. The guys played some playstation, I lost vs Benny … sigh – but, I’ll get him next time. You’ll find the album at this location.

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1 July, 2006

Not the best of days ;)

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Damn, England out of the world cup once again by penalties. Why, why – can’t they friggin train on it before going to the cup. They have lost on penalties as far back in time as I can remember almost. Damn !

That was the first rant, now for the second. Moon – once again beat me in fishing. We went to Alderssundet once again. And again – I lost. She managed to get more, and even the kind of fish we where aiming for. Not only that … I broke my fishing rod ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
As I said – not a good day, not a good day at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

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26 June, 2006

Damn, I want a bigger appartment ;)

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After us buying a new TV. I cannot help feeling that it aint complete without a media center box. But, our living room, and esp. the way it arranged at the moment – simply don’t allow me such a beast without a full investment. I’ve looked around for alternatives like the damn sweet Dreambox, and maybe even building myself a mythtv setup. I would so love to use a linux machine to act as a media center instead of a dorky windows machine where you cannot really hack it down to the bones.

The biggest problem unfortunately is that I still get the TV signals off the cable, and almost all hardware boxes do only come with one tuner. So, recording while watching is a almost hopeless task without some weird cable hacks. Anyway, the prosess of seeking stuff out is at least started.

Today, my mother also registered herself to this blog space. So dont be surprised if you see some post from her soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

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