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8 August, 2017

Almost there …

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So, today I’ve put together the last parts of my build. I was curios, would I manage to get all the additions working ?
Short answer … pretty much.

Testing Monster Bash and ACDC

There is still some tweaking to do, tilt and nudge adjustments and I forgot a critical part. To extend the on/off button for my damn computer. Don’t know how many times I’ve told myself I needed to remember that. Sigh, must be getting old.

• • •

6 August, 2017

Soon ?

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Some progress during this weekend. I just wonder what will happen once I turn the power back on. Still have a few things to do. And I know that I’m not going to be happy with my play-field solution. I’m going to redo it. Probably using Plexiglas or something in that direction.

• • •

27 July, 2017

A lazy build day

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Today I was tired and had me a long afternoon sleep. So, I only adjusted the monitor and put up the side graphics. Tomorrow, if the weather is fine I will probably not touch this project. BBQ at a friends place sounds like a better way to spend the friday afternoon.

Hope to continue on the cab on Saturday.

• • •

Backglass almost finished … or ?

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So, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the back-glass. This is the current result. I’m not 100% happy with it yet. The monitor is a bit crooked, but, that should be a easy fix. Just was too tired after struggling with things I simply hadn’t planned for.

I’m beginning to wonder if this needs to be re-done in another way. I’ve used magnets to hold the front panel in place. Will the sound and vibrations from the speakers affect how these are holding up ? Is the DMD too near the speakers ? I guess I’ll have to run some tests.

If I’m pleased with it, then I guess it is time to add some graphics to the sides.

• • •

24 July, 2017

Updated status on my Pincab

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So, I’ve made some progress. Not much to say really. I’m still thinking about how to attach the backglass apron. At the moment, magnets seems like a good idea. Time will tell I guess.

• • •

21 July, 2017

So … back to start ?

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Used this morning to tear down my cab to the bone. It is finally time to start the final build. Last time, it was winter and I really didn’t have all the parts. Now, I believe at least to have all the parts needed and ready. So … current status pic.

Current status.

• • •

4 January, 2017

DOF installed

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So, last time I had some issues. I don’t know the reason for it – but suddenly PinballX didn’t want to start and it was related to a hang provoked by pindmd.dll distributed by that software. Took me awhile to figure that out.

So, well. Since then, a new year has arrived and turkey dinner has been devoured. I started setting up DOF (Direct Output Framework) that adds feedback to the cabinet two days back. It was a whole different experience I can tell you. But, I had a small issue with the night-mode that in effect turns off the noisy parts. A short mail to Steve in Canada and a bit of poking around with at small screwdriver following his directions and I had if fixed.

Ended up playing for a couple of hours yesterday with night-mode on. It was really fun. Headset + the backlight you see in this short video really changes the experience. I have a day off on Friday, and I can tell you now that it is going to be used in front of the cabinet with the night-mode off.

The cabling inside the cabinet doesn’t look very nice at the moment. That I’m going to address next week.

• • •

31 December, 2016

Even more progress

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So, the ugly beast has got some legs now. Added a button and put in the long awaited coin door. Did play for a couple of hours last night. Was very fun even thouh I haven’t connected any of the DOF hardware.

Suddenly the power went and all kind of weird stuff started to happen. At first I didn’t manage to get the backglass monitor start. Once that was resolved – and I don’t know why it came back all of a sudden, then PinballX, the frontend that I’m using is refusing to start.

Hope to get it up and running again today. No clue what might cause it.

• • •

28 December, 2016

Even more progress

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Might not look to be much difference from yesterday, but now at least the buttons are attached. I still have to cable them to the controller. I’ve decided to first get the computer up and running and only connect the plunger/nudge controller. Once that is working I’m going to attach the DOF controlled kit.

• • •

26 December, 2016


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Looking at earlier pictures it may seem that I haven’t done much lately. Well, both true and false. I had some issues that isn’t fully resolved. The pf monitor is attached to a VESA bracket. But, this bracket is still allowed to move too easily. What you don’t see is that the legs – all of them has been attached. I planned to put the rest of the hardware into the cab, but, since the original measurements are 18mm plywood and I’ve run with 15mm. That requires me to shim some of the parts in order to make them fit. The flipper buttons are one of these.

I almost 100% sure now, where to put flipper holes but decided that I’ll wait after I’ve been to the shop and know if I’m able to get some solution for my missing 3mm. I will need to do some test cuts for the plunger as well.

So, to put it short. Complete all wood stuff before attaching the rest of the hardware. Don’t want a computer full of crud.

• • •
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