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14 January, 2004

Feeling better now

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So, after a slow and boring start of this new year – I finally start to feel
like the future is more bright. No wonder – the sun will arrive here in about
3 weeks time or so. I can now look out the window and see that it is somewhere
… near at least since I see a shimer of light just above the mountains. Did
in fact see the sun last weekend, when me, Moon and my mother went to sweden
to buy some snus and meat.

The work also feels better. I think that this also has to do with the sun and
stuff. I simply dont like the dark-period very much anymore. I tend to become
almost depressed, but this year it has been much easier since Moon arrived

So, yes – I’m still hanging in there \o/

• • •

2 January, 2004

Work is boring stuff

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Ok – back at work today. Though – only for one day … Phew. Soon the T2
season are starting up again for our clan. And I really are looking forward to
that. Meeting WW again will be fun. Well, aint much to tell really. New-year
celebrations did go as expected. Went to my parents place and ate all that I
could muster … again. Then on the 1st I went and ate even more šŸ˜‰

Well, thats it for now I guess šŸ˜® L8r !

• • •