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21 June, 2004

VNC (not secure)

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OK – so you want VNC, but dont want to run X11 all the time ? VNC server can
then be a OK ting. To enable it you have two options. Run it all the time – or
just when you need it. In both cases however, you need to secure it with a
password. Run the command ‘vncpasswd’ and supply a password. Now – if you want
the default Gnome manager up and running. Look at the automatic generated
$HOME/.vnc/xstartup file. You will see a comment there to take away two lines
at top to enable this. So, now its time to start the services. Just login to
your box and start the server with ‘vncserver’. It will now start up with the
default port of :1 – and you can use a viewer to logon to your server by that
port. If however you want it up and available at all times. Then, have a peek
at /etc/sysconfig/vncserver – you will there again – find two lines that you
comment out. Those refer to the user you want the server running for. This ofc
– requires ‘root’ privileges.

Be adviced though. This will be a open
clear tekst service, and your password etc aint secure. Seek Google for how
to make it secure. (VNC + SSH)

Have fun !

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4 June, 2004

Weeeee – I’m now married and stuff

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Ok – so, I’m now a married man. I went down to Thailand and married my big
love. After some paperwork I finally tied the knots on the 31th of April. I’m
back now in the “old” country and just waiting for her to arrive. Most
probably it will happen the 6th of May.

• • •