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19 July, 2004

Keep you PC a bit cleaner

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Today on the internet – you bloody have to be a computer wizard to manage to keep your computer “clean”. By “clean” – I mean not, not full of spyware, tracking cookies, backdoors and viruses.
The best solution in many cases is – run Linux. But, if managed to keep a Linux system secure and stable you most probably will manange to even keep a Microsoft OS relatively clean.

I write this small article just to tell you out there what you should be conserned about, and maybe help you with a solution to how you can speed you your computer a bit.


What is Spyware ? Well – to put it short. Its a program that do observe some of your activity and tells the developers of the spyware program about what your doing. In most cases – these spyware programs
monitor comercials you get up on your screen, and if you press any of those. This is also why a person that mostly browse for eg. videocameras, or pornograpy – gets these kind of links more often than those
people that dont look at those pages. But, can this programs be trusted ? No, way – I would say. What stops these from reading what you time while your not just browsing around on some web-pages. Eg. writing
your password to read your Email etc ?! So, get rid of these !

There are several good programs out there – one is Adaware, and that in combination with SpywareBlaster is my choise. AdAaware – most guys I know, already know about. But SpywareBlaster is more like a frontend application that
sees to that some aint installed in the first place. Internet Explorer is runs something called ActiveX enabled by default. This component is IMO hopelessly made and should be disabled. But, unfortunately, some websites will not
work properly without this. So, well – get and run SpywareBlaster in addition
to Adaware.


Like normal antivirus programs, do update these on regular basis; and run and clean out your computer on a weekly basis.

More to come later.

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