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28 September, 2004

Tribes Vengence ordered !

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Today I pre-ordered the TribesVengence. I’ve tried the beta – some, liked it
about as much as I enjoyed Tribes2 in the beginning. So, I guess, I’m kind of
gambling that the same will happen for this game.

Some of the old -=TWC=- guys have begun talking about a rejoin for the
upcomming game. Obviously I aint 100% sure yet. Except for that – there aint
much to tell. I’m struggeling with a very sore shoulder and I most probably
will have to start on a cure to fix that. Damn. I just hate to contact doctors
and shit. Who knows – they might even stick a needle into my body šŸ™

• • •

27 September, 2004

Added newborn to gallery

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Ok, went to visit Ingrid, JD and their new-born tuesday. And put those pictures up in my gallery. Those should be available
The little boy is only 5 days old at the time the pictures where taken.

I also added the ability to subscribe to my blog with a RSS capable browser
like the very nice“Firefox. The procedure is
quite easy. You will see a RSS icon in the bottom right of your browser. You then just click the RSS icon. Choose add and see to that you store it in the
“Bookmarks Toolbar Folder” when asked. (Add bookmark – section Create in).

Of course – if you dont want to change, you might also have a look at this nice “standalone” Feedreader wich not only works great – its free as well.
Cool ‘eh ?

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24 September, 2004

Aarg – those Koreans!

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I’m infested with Koreans trying to brute force the sshd service on my machine. So, I found a way to make it a tad more secure than just serving that open to the whole world. Ofc. I could close it down to general availablity. But, instead I just added legal usernames to logon to /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Default the parameter ‘AllowUsers’ isnt in the stock Fedora release config-file. So, well – putting only the user I usually logon with in that file and restarted the service surely is a tad more safe than none at all.

But, not only that – I wipped up a small perl script that polls the /var/log/secure file every minute. And, if surtain criterias arrise. I simply add them to the blocked-hosts. If you would like a copy of my script. Just ask – I’ll be happy to share šŸ™‚

Btw. seems almost 80% come from asia … Korea and China is worst :p

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14 September, 2004

OMG – I’m an Uncle now

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Time simply runs along too fast for this old and tired body šŸ˜‰ I just realised
that I’m an Uncle.

Well its fine. I wish Ingrid (my sister) and John-Dagfinn all luck with their
newborn wich they are going to name ‘Eliaz’ (I think). Moon and me will very
soon go on a visit to her house and I surely hope I dont forget the camera
this time. If so, I promise to update the gallery with some pictures of the

Well, guess thats it for today :p Lazy as ever šŸ™‚

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