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4 November, 2004

Congratulation Moon, and installing Fedora on a HP DL140.

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So, today my wife is 28 years old. Congratulation my love ! I hope you have a
nice day.

Today I also found a small hack for installing Fedora. I needed to install
Fedora Core 2 on a brand new HP DL140 machine. The problem was that it didnt
have a floppydrive, nor a CDROM. First I tried with a portable USB CDROM. It
booted the kernel, but Fedora didnt recognize the USB drive afterwards.
Shazbot. So, instead I did try the Redhat 9 release. And to my amazement it
did both find it and could use it natively. The thing I then did was to make a
minimum install of Redhat 9. Copied the CD’s to a partition I made containing
only the CD’s from Fedora2 – and afterward started the install process again
saying that the files now where on the Hard-drive. Might be a tip for some of
the guys ‘out there’.

• • •