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27 December, 2004

X-mas over – phew :)

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Ok, another x-mas is mostly over. We had a nice day at my mothers place – some pics of that already uploaded to the gallery. We once again this year went for x-mas breakfast to my sister. It was a very nice meal… though Moon has been a bit sick all this x-mas. Seems to be better today though, so, our plan is to get up to the cabin and do some skiing tomorrow. We did today go to the town where we changed the shoes she got for x-mas to someone that fits her more. We also did a test run of the skis in the back garden and she seemed to like it 🙂

Did install a new HD in the linux machine today, and the DVD-RWs for my dad arrived. All in all a nice day.

Well, enough for this time I guess.

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