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31 May, 2005

Google tip

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Just a quick note today. When searching on popular subject – try adding a “-com” into your searches. There is a lot of companies that are more or less just “spammers”, they use the *.com in their URL’s most of them so this actually helps you in finding what you really might be looking for.

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30 May, 2005

Outlook can be confusing

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I’ve never claimed that I know the office suite very good and that is maybe why I write this article. Its partly for myself in order to remember what is needed to be done if change the default location of the *.pst (microsoft have placed it where I definatly don’t want it in the first place – and even in a hidden folder …. bastards)

Well, the latter aint much of a problem since I always run windows with show all files – included the hidden ones. But, well – enough about that.

On my computer I prefer to have the Outlook mailfolder on my linux which shares out a disk for me. So, after installing Outlook – I simply delete the standard outlook.pst file. This is as simple as of starting Outlook once, then exit, and go to the profile-path of the user … normally “C:\Documents and Settings\SOMEUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook” delete that default “outlook.pst”. Now next time you start up Outlook it will complain that it doesn’t find the default *.pst file. Thats fine – just use the file-browser and point it to where you have it stored.

Once that is done – comes the really confusing part. The addressbook. Mind you – it might be a tad different approach for different versions of Outlook, but I guess this will work as a guide anyway.

Start Outlook again. Go to “Tools->Email Accounts” and choose “View or change exsisting directories or addressbooks”. Choose Next and then choose the default “Outlook Address book” and press the “Change” button. Now – I delete the “Contacts” folder – so that “Outlook addressbook” dont contain any “Contacts” anymore.

Now, we’re halfway there. Press “add” and choose “Additional Address book” – choose “Personal Address book” and now choose the location of you *.PAB file. IF it aint there already, it will be created. Ok, once more its time to restart Outlook. So, now exit and restart it again.

We’re nearly there now. Now, go to your contact leaflet inside Outlook, and right click on “Contacts” – Go to the leaf “Outlook Address book” and tick the dialog “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book”.

Now, if you make a new email (cntr+n) – you should be able to press the “To” button and get the contacts of your address book – you should be seeing your old contacts without any additional problems I hope.

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26 May, 2005

Hurray for Liverpool

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I must say – yesterdays result of the Champions League was awsome. I could never had guessed thay would win in the end. Even my wife enjoyed the match and she normally dont watch football that much. Well – just thought that I had to write something about that event since its about 21 years or so since last time Liverpool won anything of importance. Eh … and yeah, I aint a Liverpool supporter myself. I’m an Ipswich fan, that appretiate it when english teams beat the crap out of spagetti-eating actors !! šŸ™‚ Don’t you just hate how easily the italians fall on the football field … ?

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24 May, 2005

Crashed PC

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Bah ! Installing my mothers computer once again. Seems I had to use the parts Oxygaxe gave me to make my new linux server with, in order to rescue my mothers computer today. For some reason it didn’t boot after her long “holiday” to Thailand. Noone had used it meanwhile, so my guess that it has died from a powersurge of some sort. Was connected to the mains – but, would not boot at all. Maybe I should have told her to just buy a new one instead. I know I’m gonna get naged about it not having all the programs she used to have etc. Fortunately her harddrive seems ok so now I’m installing the OS on a small and crappy IDE drive that has been laying around. Sometime its really OK to have some old spare parts … šŸ™‚

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22 May, 2005

Star Wars III

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Went and watches Star Wars ep 3 today. I rather enjoyed it – but, well it was obvious from the second one than Anakin would become Darth Vader. Weather outside has finally changed from rather poorly to at least some sunshine. I just hope it stays that way and that we dont get as bad summer this year as last.

Ah, thats right – 3 days back – Spyware blaster was released in a new version. IMO, one of the programs its essential to install on any computer running IE connected to Internet. Head over and install it immediatly if you dont have it. Just follow this URL Download Spywareblaster

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21 May, 2005

another friday has past

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I just love fridays. Workweeks is over and if you descide to have a drink or two – its perfectly fine since you have more than 48 hours to get your head stright again šŸ˜‰ Tonight me and Moon went to a new friend of ours. Configured their Wifi system with a few beers onboard and it seemed to be working just tandy. Aint much to say really. Mum is getting home tomorrow after a 6+ month stay in Thailand. I just wonder if we will be able to get up early enough to go get her … *grin*

See ya !

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17 May, 2005


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Ahhh… Tribes2 community suddenly went all dead and I wondered – what the hell are they doing. Then I picked up one comment in the old Gameshrine forum about a new version of Legends. I picked it up, desciding to give it another try. And, OMG – this was something really different. I played almost all day today and had alot of fun. IF this continues, I’m gonna send some cash in the programmers direction. IF – and only IF … its worth it beacause the rest will follow. What I fear however is that so many are occupied playing other games – that they dont even know/try this one out. Have a peek yourself at it at this URL

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