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11 June, 2005

Soon Wi-FI

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Finally, I’ve descided to go Wi-Fi, ordered my Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router 54. Really looking forward to modify this box. You know how it is when you order something by internet – it feels like it takes forever for it to arrive at your doorstep. Unfortunately I ordered the stuff on a Friday, so I now just hope they work Saturdays and at least ship it during the weekend. Ordered a 3Com Officeconnect Wireless 11g CardBus as well. I just hope it will work under Linux. It seems that chipsets gets shifted around all the time from the producers to almost all wi-fi cards and since I havent really run any wi-fi on Linux before I guess I just have to learn the hard way :p Well, no biggie really. If it doesnt I just gonna make sure the next time – once I get the experience.

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6 June, 2005

Perl – Reset Script Starttime

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Omg, I could not figure out how to make a script wich would tell me when a file is older than a surtain time – IF I made it as a daemon. The reason was quite simple once I found it on google though.

$^T=time # Resets the timer

Sometime a small thing can make such a headache. This time I descided to make myself a note of it in my blog for future reference.

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