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28 July, 2005

In the clear ?!

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Ah, I feel much better now that I’ve actually completed the task of writing my speach of Arne-Johnny’s wedding. I finally found 60 or so english speaking wedding speaches by using the old altavista site. Or, actually it was a co-worker, Steinar Østerdal that found it for me. Thanks a lot. I used about 30% of the ideas from there, but it looks like the best stuff is actually the things I came up with myself. Guess I have to call Arne-Johnny tomorrow though just to verify some small things like when he actually met his future wife, because that I don’t know.

Anyway. Feels good to be over and halfway done with. Now I’m going to take myself a well deserved beer and relax before going to bed.

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26 July, 2005

Help !!!

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I’m expected to write a wedding speach this friday and I’m totally blank. I’ve googled around – nothing useful. I’m getting desperate. What am I going to do ? I haven’t even listened to a wedding speach before … or at least as I remember. Maybe it was so bad that I forgot – or … was I drunk maybe ?

Wish me luck – I need it indeed.

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12 July, 2005

Linux UPnP

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After pondering for awhile why MSN didnt work that great I descided to look into the problem more detailed. Reading the help system it become clear that if I wanted several M$ machines running using eg. MSN – I would be best off with getting my router to act as a UPnP router/firewall. So, thanks to google I quite easily found a link wich provided me with the details needed.

Quick wipped up guide to UPnP

I ended up with the latest avail LinuxIGD (v 0.92), and at least it seems right out the box. Aint sure however if I’m going to leave this up and running all the time since I havent had the time to look into UPnP and security. IF there is such a thing.

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11 July, 2005

My sister is finally online

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So, finally – my sister and her boyfriend is online. I was at their place today hooked them into the internet by a ADSL connetion. Their new PC was so infested with preinstalled shit that I used half the time to figure out how to take it away than to setup the machine. But, I guess they now have the essential things up and running. Only exception maybe is some desent anti-spyware proggy. I simply forgot that one. Their PC was a Packard-Bell bundeled with Symantec Security Center and some other stuff. The most annoyance was a very crappy colour on their IE. Who the hell wants a ghey looking purple with a sticky Packard-Bell commercial every time they browse the internet ?? Christ, I would surely go bananas. Funny thing is that I have a Packard Bell machine as my work computer, but, I repartitioned and formated that one before I even saw what was installed on it. Guess that was a smart choice, or I would have gone nuts in a week.

The big question now is … do I have to run on constant support calls to “Grubhei” as well as “Grustaket” for the future ?! *grin*

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10 July, 2005

Laptop problems

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My laptop died on me friday morning. I could not figure out what the real problem was. It simply didnt come on at all after I turned it off thurday night. I was at one moment wondering about if it had become too hot that evening, but now I know better. It turned out that after I disassebeled the whole computer – took away absolutely all parts that the cpu looked to be fastened – it didnt look loose at least. But, I visited Tom’s Hardware where I found an article about changeing the whole mainboard and noticed that the cpu should have the lock’ screw even tighther. I suspect that it has been like this all along and that I have only been lucky that this computer has been stable at all.

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8 July, 2005

I’m sane again :)

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Weeee. After countless attempts to find out what my problem was I finally have figured it out. I now can open *.exe files on my samba server on the wifi machine without the hang situations. So, what lead me to find the damn thing ? I noticed that when I opened a folder with quite alot of *.exe files in it, the browser would list the filenames but, the icons did sometime show and sometime not. I renamed the *.exe files to *._x_ and rechecked. Everything was fine. I was now quite sure that it had to do with the way WinXP handeled the *.exe files. Tried different solutions around this. Changed “filemanagers” and other things. Nothing worked. But, I still had the same symptoms. Then I went for the icon browse – why would they “timeout” – that I still dont know. I searched the web and I found one guy that had some problems with his registry. He could not see the icons for his *.exe files. Fortunately for me another guy in the forum asked if he could extract his registry. And … who do you thing made a “copy” of that to get the same effect 😉 And, yes – after a quick reboot everything was just fine. Now I had no problem with accessing the files. What baffels me a little bit though is that this registry change dont hide the icons on *.exe files that is “My Documents”, but everywhere else.

If for some reason anyone else get the same problem as me … here is the hack:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@=""%1" %*"
@=""%1" %*"
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers\ShimLayer Property Page]

I will investigate and try to find out exactly what needs to be changed – but, for now I’m just happy about this find and I will relax and enjoy my computer instead of swearing at it.

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3 July, 2005

Finally some good weather

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Oh, had this super weekend – good weather from friday to sunday. Went drinking and BBQ’ at a friends house on friday. Saturday we went to Aldersundet where we did some fishing. Cought some cods wich obv. I trew out again. Main reason from going was ofc to enjoy the nice weather anyway. On Sunday we did go to Marmorsletta 45 km outside Mo i Rana. Pics of these trips can be viewed at my gallery.

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This is driving me nuts

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The last week has been rather frustrating. I managed to get my new wifi system up and running, and I didnt at first notice any problems. But, now – I’ve found one that I simply havent figured out yet. From my laptop, I’m having problem opening Samba shares containing *.exe files without the explorer going into hang situations. I’ve built a newer version of Samba (newest around), I reinstalled my laptop down to WinXP SP2 without any patches added. Tried the older wifi drivers. Nothing solves my problem. Errors from samba varies from time to time. I simply have no idea where the actual problem relies. The only thing I havent tried yet is to install WinXP without any SP2 and change the firmware from the current running alchemy in the wrt54gs router. If anyone have any idea what might be the problem I would love to hear from you.

sverrel [at] gmail [dot] com

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