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28 September, 2005

Keep things private … two great tip’

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Dont you just hate to have to register and supply information you would prefer to keep away from public viewing. Well – it might be that these to tip’ can help you in that area. “BugMeNot” and “Mailinator” – both very nice utilities to help you out. Read this guide to get you going with BugMeNot and go to Mailinator.

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Played a tad Tribes2 tonight

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I enjoyed myself playing duel with my old team-mate Wargie today. God damn it – we both sucked bigtime. So much even that I doubt that I’ll ever play active Tribes2 again šŸ™

Anyway – it was fun – maybe because I just barely beat him. He gained upon me quite fast in the end and I guess if we have played longer the outcome might have changed.

Except that – I’ve been slightly busy with makeing myself a rescue CD for windows systems. I stumbeled over the “Bart PE” – or “Pebuilder” that is really called. If your interrested have a look at this URL. Its awsome. You now can make yourself a fully bootable windows CD, using some slipstreamed SP2 CD’s wich you have to make in advance. Once that is ready – the fun begins. I see no reason to say much more about it. So head over to that site and grab the builder yourselves.

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14 September, 2005

Uh, it was wrong firmware all along :(

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Today I descided to try out the latest Linksys firmware ( and see if that did change the odd problem/hang from browsing/accessing exe-files on my Samba server. And the result ?? -SUCCESS- !!! Well, actually I havent had the time to try it out much yet – but, some of the known “problem” folders seems to open just fine now. I haven’t had any hangs like before. So, maybe – just maybe …. you should stay away from those “modified” open source firmwares … or at least try to change between alot of different ones as a first resort IF for some reason your connection is flawed towards your WIFI system.

This firmware even feels a tad quicker than the one I was running. Guess I’ll gonna try to tweak around now that it seems stable and see if I manage to get even more troughput out of it. But, thats not pri #1 right now. Normally I would now just celebrate this kind of breaktrough with a couple of beers – but, unfortunately its only wednesday and beers are bought into the household normally on thursdays.

Damnit’ šŸ™‚

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2 September, 2005

SLAX – a very nice linux live-distro

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I’ve started looking more into SLAX – a live linux distro that really looks promising. Well, I like the idea of running linux off a live cd in general – but, this distro has some nice things to it in the way it can be customized. Currently, I’m just trying out some stuff and learning how to add my own modules. I’m quite sure I’ll be writing more about this soon – and maybe even release my own compilation šŸ˜‰

Have a peek at their site @ here, its a good starting point a least.

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