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17 October, 2005

Firefox + Extentions = Awsome

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So, I just wanted to write some quick words about why I use Firefox and how I prefer to configure it. Mostly maybe, once again – in order to help myself remember the small stuff ? šŸ™‚

Ok, what is Firefox ?

It’s a browser. Faster, free, compliant with the RFC’s (means that it actually will show websites as it should and not be like IE that helps poorly written websites to look like they “work”), more secure, and last but not least, very customizable.

The all essential extentions.

I just love the fact that you can add functionality straight into the browser by simply downloading pre. programmed addons for almost all things you maybe miss from the original setup. Some addons I simply feel I cannot be without – and those are:

Gmail Notifier
PDF Download
IE View
Auto Copy
Web Developer
Flash Block

So, why so many ?

Actually, I have only downloaded what I need in my everyday use. Some adds more security to the browser like NoScript.

NoScript denies all JavaScript from all webpages. Once you download and start to use it – you will be amazed how many sites actually rely upon javascript. So, yes, you often have to turn it off temporary for a site to even get it working. It can maybe be annoying – but, well – I rather deny all and the explicit allow sites than to make it always open to everyone.

Web Developer is very nice since I edit some webpages from time to time. Simply explained, if you don’t – you don’t need it šŸ™‚

PDF Downloader – oh yeah. Don’t you hate when things opens itself without asking first ? Surely I do. I want to be asked what I want. So, if I press on a PDF document, with this extension it asks me if I want it downloaded or opened in the browser. Nice.

GMail Notifier. My favorite. Every time I start my browser it checks my Gmail account and tells me how many emails I have waiting for me. Nice, very nice.

Auto Copy. All text I drag the mouse over will automaticly be copied to the clipboard. That saves me a lot of hazzle when I want to copy some text from A to B.

Flashblock. So many sites use flash commercials. Pages gets loaded much more slowly with ads I dont read anyway. So, this one is highly recommended.

IE View. Unfortunatly, there is a lot of programmers out there that only check their webpages in IE. If it works with the most used browser they cannot care less. If for some reason a page dont work like I expect – I right click and choose “view in IE”, at the same time as I swear at the lame programmer.

So, where do I find these extensions ? The simplest way is to go to “Tools” menu of your Firefox browser, then choose extensions. You’ll see a small link in the bottom right corner of that window, saying “Get more extensions”. It will send you into the default Mozilla site that lists available extensions – but, it is a whole lot of them and not always easy to find the stuff you want. But, yes – easier for the common user I guess – in order to get started. You just then simply follow the “guided” tour on how to install it from their webpage.

What I provided above is a slightly other way of downloading them. You’ll have to find the latest version yourself (the one with the highest version number or the latest creation date) then choose to download it down to your computer like any other file. After that – go to the “File” menu, choose “Open File” (or press cntr+o), then choose the file you downloaded. Firefox will see that this is a addon for the browser and after a small delay it will have installed it.

Please note – that after you install or upgrade a addon – you will have to restart the browser completely before the new version gets active. With that I must emphasize, all browser windows if you have more than one.

Advanced tweak – not by the faint hearted.

Open the “about:config” location in your browser. Write that where you normally write stuff like and such … in the address field.

Find the line.
“network.http.pipelining” – double click it – setting it to “true”
“network.http.pipelining.maxrequest – double click it – sett it to the value of “100”.

• • •

7 October, 2005

Thailand – here I come

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So, finally it seems that I’ve managed to find both the time and correct priced tickets for my next trip to Thailand. Really looking forward to it. It is going to be fun to see my family again up in Phetsabuin, and not to mention to be able to get away from this crappy weather we have had the last couple of months. Without any exaguration, its been raining constantly for almost two months now and the fact that I have’nt had much holiday in 1,5 years now started to get on my nerves.

We don’t have much planned except that we will stay the first couple of days in Bangkok buying some new clothes and stuff. Mostly for my wife that hasn’t really been able to find any nice looking things here in norway in her size without a mickey mouse or donald duck attached to it šŸ˜‰

Then we will go and visit Moon’s (and now my) family in Phetsabuin. Planning to stay there for 5 days wich I hope is enough is enough for her. Surely I’ll go nuts if we would have to stay any longer because there aint much to do there except relax. I don’t know enough about the language to make myself understood either – but, no worries. They have excellent beer just a small walk away from her mothers house šŸ™‚

Then, I guess we’ll head for some more “tourist” like resort. We have come up with a couple of alternatives – but, it looks like that Koh Chang will be where we’ll be heading. Neither me nor Moon have been there before – so, why the hell not ?

I might login here and write some stuff as we go along, or maybe not … time will tell I guess šŸ™‚

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