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25 December, 2005

Its been awhile

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Hi !

It’s been awhile since I last wrote here. Main reason being of course that I have been away on holiday. Me and Moon went to Thailand where we visited her mother and family in Phetchabun. Once there we descided to rent a driver and a 11′ seater for some days – leaving for Chang Mai and “Loy Kratong”. We met up with my mother there, wich came with us for a couple of days back to Phetchabun (Bungnamtau to be more presise). After that me and my wife went to Koh Samui, but we quite quickly noticed that this wasnt really the thing we where looking for. It was like a mini-Phuket (Patong), selling tourists stuff wich we didn’t need anyway. So, well – we descied to spend the last days of the holiday with my mother instead.

To make a long story short, we had a tad more rain that we expected, but, it really wasn’t that much of a problem since none of us love to stay to much in the sun anyway.

As of this writing – it is as you can all see – x-mas. I’m sitting with a glass of red wine leeching some video that I want to convert for my mum. She called me some days back telling me that she would be on the TV. So, well – I programmed my VCR and went out to give away x-mas presents and stuff. Once I arrived back home I noticed that … ouch … I’ve programmed it all wrong. But, the fortunate thing is that I found it on the Internet – the only problem is that both the format and the technology don’t allow me to download it stright to my PC. But, well – you aint a computer geek for nothing. Currently I’m just sitting here waiting for the computer to convert it into something I can edit slightly, so I can make it available for my old mother to download/look at.

You can see this short video of her here Video of my mother

Well, enough for now I guess. I’ll most probably will post something more interessting here soon … I hope 😉

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