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15 February, 2006

Some more mrtg stuff

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Been poking around some more with mrtg – I have now made some adjustments in that mrtg does collect data from a self produced perl script that finds the amount of Tribes2 players at all time on the internet. (See earlier post) Now, I’ve converted these data into rrd database where I now run rrdcgi generating graphs. I’ve only kept the last 6 hours in the graphs – its just an experiment anyway. For those curious about how these look – you can have a peek at them by these links.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but still – I’m quite pleased in that I now seem to understand MRTG on a whole different level than I did before. Mission accomplished 🙂

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8 February, 2006

MRTG is c00l, and ASUS is not :-)

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Lately I’ve been quite busy doing support for my father. He bough himself a new PC, wich I selected the parts for – but, UGH – I really had some problems putting it all togheter. The reason was that I bought a ASUS main board wich required some IDE drivers in order to get going. FFS, ASUS – if you make such a thing – do put a big red sticker all over the package telling so. It took me quite alot for headbanging before I understood the problem. People aint used to needing drivers for IDE devices. But, I guess this is a thing to come. For the rest of you guys – be aware if you buy the “Asus P5LD2” mainboard. You need to press F6 to install drivers for WinXP – even if its a normal IDE system. (Well, the devices connected to the “blue” – IDE controller aint really needed. But, well – I just tell you this anyway.

Lately, I’ve begun to look slightly into MRTG and its wonderful world. I’ve used the basic stuff before, without really gotten the full hang of it. Yesteday night I began writing a small test for myself in order to get some training in this area. The result is a MRTG graph of how many Tribes2 players are online playing at all time. I guess I’ll keep it up there at least for a couple of weeks – IF I don’t find anything cooler to put there instead.

Oh, yes – happy birthday 2 me, happy birthday 2 me !!!

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