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28 April, 2006

Mailinator alternative

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I’ve been a huge fan of mailinator, a free anti-spam solution for us guys that from time to time need to register our email address in order to get to the goodies we need. Unfortunately, as of late – it seems that this service aint working as expected and this is why I post this alterantive. Have a peek a, its pretty much the same service and yes, you don’t have to register at all !!!

Today I also opened up this web-log so that it should be possible to register yourselves. This in order for you guys to comment if you feel for it. Please note though, I’ve set it so that I will review the message before it will be posted up here. This since I want to have some degree of control before I descide to open it completely.

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7 April, 2006

Quick trip to Thailand

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Not much new to tell except that I’ve been away due to my wife loosing her mother. We hurried down to Thailand, and if you like you can have a look at some of the pictures I took. I’ve left out the funeral stuff though.

Here they are.

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