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26 June, 2006

Damn, I want a bigger appartment ;)

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After us buying a new TV. I cannot help feeling that it aint complete without a media center box. But, our living room, and esp. the way it arranged at the moment – simply don’t allow me such a beast without a full investment. I’ve looked around for alternatives like the damn sweet Dreambox, and maybe even building myself a mythtv setup. I would so love to use a linux machine to act as a media center instead of a dorky windows machine where you cannot really hack it down to the bones.

The biggest problem unfortunately is that I still get the TV signals off the cable, and almost all hardware boxes do only come with one tuner. So, recording while watching is a almost hopeless task without some weird cable hacks. Anyway, the prosess of seeking stuff out is at least started.

Today, my mother also registered herself to this blog space. So dont be surprised if you see some post from her soon šŸ˜‰

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18 June, 2006

Starting to use PGP

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I’ve have for a long time now been wondering about starting to actually use PGP. And, especially now after I found a nice extention to the mozilla thunderbird email client, I descided it now is time to at least have the chanse to use this technology if I should need it. The extention, Enigmail together with gpg4win it was pretty easy to set it up. Why the Gnu’ PGP ? Do you trust any other than open source projects for backdoors ? I surely dont. Especially if its originated from the US. šŸ˜‰

You may find my private PGP key here.

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11 June, 2006

Long awaited upgrade to this blog

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Hi again !

Today I descided time had come to have a look at the blog again. I noticed that there had been quite alot of development done to the WordPress, so I descided to do a site upgrade to the latest version. In the same time I converted the old blog entries into this new one.

Actually, I was quite amazed to see that I’ve been having this blog space since late in the year 2003. Time passes quickly – doesn’t it ?

Of course, because of this upgrade, some new features are added – and I haven’t had the time to look trough them all yet.

Anyway, back to the World Cup in Germany. Currently it is Mexico and Iran on the television, standings 1-1, and I hope Mexico will be able to win this one.

My favorittes is as always (??), England, Brasil and Sweden wich I think played very well even that it ended in a tie.

See ya !

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