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20 October, 2006

Finally, flash 9 available for linux

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Its still in beta, but, now available to the general public. You’ll have to go to their labs site in order to get it.

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13 October, 2006

Tidevann, Mo i Rana – now available on mobile (wap)

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I was bored, so – I came up with the idea of checking if the old tide page was possible to access on my wap enabled mobile phone. I soon noticed it wasn’t and descided to do some recode of it. So, if you have a wap mobile phone you’ll find the result on this URL.

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2 October, 2006

Read your hotmail account as normal pop3 server.

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Not long time ago, I wrote in this blog about how I setup my pop3 mail to be downloaded, checked for spam … etc. I kept thinking, this is so cool – what if I could download all the mail off hotmail as well. Little did I know that actually some guys have made all this possible. The program is called Freepops and does exactly that. I was simply perfect for my needs. All I needed to do was to download their source rpm package, since they didn’t have a rpm for my machine ready. I then compiled and installed it the usual way by doing a ‘rpmbuild -ba’. After that, I headed over to their main site again and upgraded the hotmail.lua, wich in short is the code/plugin that enables the local freepops-daemon to be able to login to your hotmail account and download the mails as if it was a normal pop3 server.

Adding support for the anti-spam, was ofc. already done on my server – so, for me, after installing the freepops-daemon, it was as simple as adding 3 more lines to my .fetchmailrc (see earlier post if your interessted on syntax and alike), and that was it.

Oh, and yes, almost forgot to tell – it works for a whole lot of other web based mail systems as well, just be sure to update those plugins once the providers changes the way you authenticate towards their servers.

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