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10 February, 2011

Verifying rpm upgrade

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I’ve manually downloaded and installed some python26 rpms – without noticing that these where available from EPL. I always prefer to follow semi-official rpms instead of stand-alone downloads. So, once my computer made me aware that there where in fact available … upgradable ‘python26’ packages from EPL … and these where release because of security updates. Well, then I definitely should do a upgrade. So, my dilemma was now – will these packages. Replace the same files in their same location or not ?!

This is where … the verify command of RPM can come to use.

I did a

 'rpm -Vp --nosize --nomd5 --nomtime --nomode *.rpm'

on the files I’ve choosen to download manually – using the –downloadonly yum plugin.

Using this procedure, assured me that I’m it is very likely that the upgrade will work with a 100% success.

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