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20 August, 2011

Got my capture camera clip today

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Whoohoo ! Today I finally got my new Capture Camera Clip which I supported the production for by becoming a so called backer on I’m loving it already.

Update, 12 September :

This tool is definatly something that you want to get for yourself. Order it off Peter Dering at his website PeakDesign. I’ve used it since August, and to be honest it was one of the reasons I decided to upgrade for my 7D. Why ? – you may ask. Well, carrying around a camera, just got so much easier. The 7D isn’t the lightest camera around – but, attached to the strap of my backpack it simply feels like its not there even. Carrying it on my normal belt buckle however is a different matter. I feel it – but, that even is much much better than carrying it around my neck. That is a very important difference, don’t you agree ?

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