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24 September, 2011

Google – Facebook and the frigtening internet.

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Damn, there is no way around these beast. No one is upset that almost all your personal information gets stored on some US servers ? Was sitting here in my sofa – enjoying some old Beatles records, and came upon “Blackbird” by “The Beatles”. Funny thing was that it reminded my of my old math teacher – Ståle Flagstad, wich I looked up by google. Sure. Facebook profile. Hmm .. scary. He was suddenly only some clicks away from contact I could have to register by one of the major beasts … Facebook :p ( shivers, lured into the net of the evil beast ) only because I wanted to say hi. But, well … does it really matter ? I use Google on a regular basis, and have a gmail account. So, why would I ever bother to fear facebook – same shit isn’t it ?

I’m doomed… I know – and have knowns for some time …but, still without any facebook account 🙂 For some odd reason I still trust google more than Facebook. I know … don’t tell me 🙂

…. heh – bet I’m now not allowed into the US … 🙂

Have you .. considered what you really provide … out there ? – you definatly should !!

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… my friday rant …

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God damn – linux community – unite !

By now the kernel is awesome – mainly the desktops guis and prefered package managers for each distro’s are separating us all form a really great thing. We need to get rid of the … special requirements if you run Fedora, Ubuntu whatever – simple things like installing standard common internet applications of today should not need to be a expert linux guru – related issue. It should be available by pressing ONE singe button. ‘AdobeReader’, ‘Flash’, ‘Spotify’ … the list is very long. We need to make it available by a simple click. I’m a RedHat fan. I must admit. I think their way of keeping their focus on the business end is very sane and important for every linux user. In fact. I go even further. Without them linux would not nothing near the popular what is is today. Someone is NOT going to agree on that comment 🙂
Why do I meantion RedHat then ? Well, their goal is ….the other way around. EVERYTHING need to be free. Its their policy, not mine. Sure, you really think that some day that is really going to work ? I would love it to be so – but, no is multi billion dollar industry that is not going to buldge for a 10% user base. Dream on, get over it.

We do have the best kernel, we have the best of everything ( IMO ) – the GUI ( and ofc – API) is keeping us seperated. Yes, I know its is very important, if you prefer A before B, I hate going from A to B myself. But, at least – lets make it easer for the com’s give us a simpler way of integrating their products into our world. No matter of what frigging GUI we need to have it running in.

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3 September, 2011

Diverse oppdateringer.

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Å være hjemme syk, har sine fordeler også. Fikk tid til å gjøre ferdig noen perl skript som jeg ikke følte var helt ferdig-ferdig. Fikk melding om at WordPress var utdatert og fant ut hvordan jeg kunne oppgradere php til påkrevd versjon uten full server reinstall. Når jeg var inne på oppgraderinger ble det til at det eldre galleriet også fikk sin oppdatering. er gammel lokasjon – den nye er – altså default fra den gamle. Konverterte først det gamle galleriet inn i den nye, men, bestemte meg at siden kvaliteten på bildene jeg nå tar kontra de gamle er såpass stor … var det like greit å skille selve albumene. Opprettet tilgang for en kamerat på det nye albumet, så får vi se om det kanskje kommer noen bilder der også.

Så – det å være hjemme, syk – er ikke bare ille. Men, jeg skulle så absolutt helst sett at jeg slapp. Det meste av tiden var det soving eller storforbuk av do-papir til å snyte seg med.

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