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27 July, 2012

London 2012

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Ikke ofte jeg ler åpenhjertelig. Men, i kveld, når Rowan Atkinson hadde sitt humoriske innslag i åpningen av Ol 2012, våknet hele huset.

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12 July, 2012

SSH and timeout values

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Some firewalls do SPI, and tear down tcp connections that they don’t see as active. One can argue that terminals should not be connected to servers when you are away from your computer, but, I will not discuss that here 🙂 If for some reason you have a firewall that is tearing down you connections via pr. example ssh – but, you need/want to keep them up you can easily resolve it by making your own enty in ~/.ssh/config

Host *
ServerAliveInterval 60

… or if you want to do it for all your clients in one go, then add these to lines to /etc/ssh/sshd_config

ClientAliveInterval 300
ClientAliveCountMax 3
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