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25 November, 2012

tftp upload to wrt54gl

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Did a flash upgrade for a friend of mine this weekend. Came to a grining halt when I could not get his router, an older wrt54gl to accept my tftp requests. Error was all the time the same message “Cann’t downgrade to this old firmware version”. To me it looked like this was an error from the router when I tried to downgrade it. He wanted the gargolye firmware, in order to be able to do bandwidth limiting and while reading the forums I descided that we probably should try an older version because of the age of the router itself. I cleared the nvram several times – tried everything. It looked like it was bricked, since the only led it gave me was the power-led blinking constantly. The solution was – downgrading it to the latest official linksys 4.x firmware, while also changing the lftp parameters. I stared off by trying

# tftp -4 -v -c put code.bin

This looked to be working – for gargoyle 1.4.x or newer – but, it always gave me the error above if I tried lower version number firmwares. But, after changing the paramters to

# echo -e "binary\nrexmt 1\ntimeout 60\ntrace\nput code.bin\n" | tftp

it took the original linksys fw and from there I did go via dd-wrt-mini and up to gargoyle 1.3.9 wich I think will be the best alternative for this router. Was it maybe the change of paramters that actually made it work ? I’m not sure, since once I got it downgraded, I didn’t try again to actually find out.

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