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25 July, 2013

MariaDB and MySQL Workbench = hang on ‘tables fetching’

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Some weeks back I did the lazy upgrade of my laptop from Fedora 18 to Fedora 19.

# fedup-cli –network 19

Worked like a charm, once I found out that my old mount settings of the root filesystem was not happy when it saw my non standard mount options of ‘defaults,noatime,nodiratime,data=writeback,errors=remount-ro’ on ext4. Changed it back to just ‘defaults’.
On Fedora 18, these where ok, and I made them because I wanted to optimize ext4 for the SSD drive. I know, it ain’t the safest settings. But, then again, I can live with some loss of data. Enough out that … now the the reason for writing this blog.

I’m currently writing a perl script that will automatically install and in some cases change PTR records on a powerdns installation. So, I descided to reinstall mysql-workbench (uninstalled it – pre, F19 upgrade). Fired it up … but, it hanged with ‘tables fetching’ message for all the databases that I had on my machine from F18. I noticed that the default DB now in F19 is MariaDB instead of Oracles MySQL. So, google – after a while I found the solution. I simply ran

# mysql_upgrade

restarted the mysql-workbench and everything was working just fine.

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23 July, 2013

Awsome diff utility

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Found a blog entry about meld today. Awsome utility. I used it to make compare different .bashrc wich had come out of sync from my subversioned copy. Now, I’m back and in sync again. Read more about it in Eliot Eshelmans blog

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8 July, 2013

Moving Virtual box drives around and “upgrade” to QEMU.

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I moved the Virtual machines off my SSD at work today. Probably should do a reinstall and go for KVM/Qemu soon instead of Virtualbox. But, I don’t want to reinstall my VM install of Win7. It is used only because of MS Outlook …

I changed the ~/.VirtualBox/Virtualbox.xml file and moved my *.vdi files to the new location. But, virtualbox complained that the uuid already existed when I did a remove and add of the VM’s. The solution is to make a new UUID on the *.vdi files.

$ vboxmanage internalcommands sethduuid RH6_Clone.vdi

update … the change from Oracle’ Virtual box to QEMU.

But, since I run fedora, I though, why not try this in kvm/qemu instead. And could I do without reinstalling my precious Win7 ? Sure.

$ qemu-img convert -f vdi /xtra/virtual_machines/win7.vdi -O qcow2 /data/virtual_machines/Harddrives/win7.qcow

After this – I installed ‘spice-guest-tools’ after making sure that the new virtual machine was setup with Spice as Display and QXL as Video. Worked like a charm. Why spice-guest-tools ? In order to get copy/paste between the VM and the host computer without introducing super hacks 🙂

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