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4 January, 2017

DOF installed

Filed under: Pinball — Thalamus @ 08:19

So, last time I had some issues. I don’t know the reason for it – but suddenly PinballX didn’t want to start and it was related to a hang provoked by pindmd.dll distributed by that software. Took me awhile to figure that out.

So, well. Since then, a new year has arrived and turkey dinner has been devoured. I started setting up DOF (Direct Output Framework) that adds feedback to the cabinet two days back. It was a whole different experience I can tell you. But, I had a small issue with the night-mode that in effect turns off the noisy parts. A short mail to Steve in Canada and a bit of poking around with at small screwdriver following his directions and I had if fixed.

Ended up playing for a couple of hours yesterday with night-mode on. It was really fun. Headset + the backlight you see in this short video really changes the experience. I have a day off on Friday, and I can tell you now that it is going to be used in front of the cabinet with the night-mode off.

The cabling inside the cabinet doesn’t look very nice at the moment. That I’m going to address next week.

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