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24 June, 2019

Pinall tournament @ Work Work 23.06.2019

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Basement of WorkWork

Small tournament in Trondheim. So, I once more went to Trondheim to play pinball. Had a blast, just as expected. New machines, all playing well up until a point I guess I could say 😉

Spent much of the time preparing on rules for Game of Thrones as I’ve never understood the rules well enough. It is now officially my favorite of them all. Rule set is deep and the shots feels great.

So, for the competition. Well, what can I say. I didn’t do as well as I hoped for, but then again. I do think that I was unlucky too. I should have played much better on Metallica. 3 games where my strategy was to go for coffin instead of electric chair was not a good decision on the day. STDM and Houseballs. Same machine played safe the day before on the exactly same strategy. That, and the fact that my Game of Thrones was annulled when the last player on the machine had the machine fail on the “Castle Black” shot. I had at that time the next highest score on it. Star Wars, its replacement machine I’ve only played a couple of times in Oslo and I wasn’t even sober. On Saturday, that machine was turned off, for unknown reasons so I wasn’t able to figure it out in advance.

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