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29 July, 2018

Visit to Bergen Flipper Klubb

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So. I’ve talked to the wife several times about heading over to Bergen knowing they have a pinball club there and well. I needed to know if it is something true to what the people living there claims. “Best city in Norway”.

Without anything other than a facebook page with a claim that if you contacted them by messenger they would normally respond within 3 hours I made a shout out asking in desperation if there where any possibility to get my head inside their location while visiting. The tickets where already booked so whatever the response was going to be I would still go.

I quickly found that the main organizer if you like, Kjell Erik was on holiday but he didn’t reject my request. Just the opposite. He forwarded my request of desperation to key members asking if anyone would be willing to help me.

Not only 1 but 2 guys quickly responded and made sure that I was given the absolute best possible “guided” tour of their club and machines. I can’t thank Vidar especially and Tore for being such stand up and great guys willing to go beyond what could hope for mid regular Norwegian “common” holidays.

What can I report back about the place except it being awesome for someone who love the pre 2000 era of machines ? Hmm … I would go on for hours guys. It is packed full with well maintained machines and from what I heard, they would love to expand.

If you ever are in Bergen. Make sure you look up these guys @

And Vidar. Let’s do a re-run on Demolition-Man. You kicked my ass and I can’t stand loosing 🙂

Demolition Man

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