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29 December, 2007

Finally, last asterisk problem solved – I hope :)

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Was sitting up, enjoying a beer and minding my own business when a friendly guy named ‘Thorbjørn Kirkeleit’ contacted me, asking who I was. No wonder he asked – had added him to my MSN contacts just because I saw some of his posts in different asterisk related forums, most of them with insane cool ideas or simply very sane and easily explained technical stuff. And, the fact that he was a fellow norwegian did help as well. Well, enough about that.

My last ‘real’ problem has been that when someone calls me – it sounded like a half dead goose when the call originates. Like ‘ring … bzz … klik … bzz … ri ..’. When I finally managed to explain exactly this to Thorbjørn, he was right on the money – pointing me to that I probably did a answer before a dial in my extensions.conf file.

Today, with a modified file – everything sounds like it should, so now maybe people don’t hang up … just because it sounds like something is way off. So, if you have weird sounds when someone calls you …. 🙂

Thanks a bunch to Thorbjørn for his help. I bet I haven’t found out that by myself.

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