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14 September, 2005

Uh, it was wrong firmware all along :(

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Today I descided to try out the latest Linksys firmware ( and see if that did change the odd problem/hang from browsing/accessing exe-files on my Samba server. And the result ?? -SUCCESS- !!! Well, actually I havent had the time to try it out much yet – but, some of the known “problem” folders seems to open just fine now. I haven’t had any hangs like before. So, maybe – just maybe …. you should stay away from those “modified” open source firmwares … or at least try to change between alot of different ones as a first resort IF for some reason your connection is flawed towards your WIFI system.

This firmware even feels a tad quicker than the one I was running. Guess I’ll gonna try to tweak around now that it seems stable and see if I manage to get even more troughput out of it. But, thats not pri #1 right now. Normally I would now just celebrate this kind of breaktrough with a couple of beers – but, unfortunately its only wednesday and beers are bought into the household normally on thursdays.

Damnit’ 🙂

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