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4 October, 2010

Weird login problem with VirtualBox and MySQL

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In my day to day enviroment at work – I run Win7 in a NATed setup – running VirualBox on Fedora13. Today, I needed to write some code and wanted to use Toad to help med debug my code. So, I exported the production database into my Fedora and imported it. I then granted full access to the database for a specified user and expected that to be the only thing needed. But NO way.

I kept getting – access denied using password … no matter what I tried. I booted the Win7 into a Bridged setup – which gave me access. I could connect from any other hosts than my NATed setup as well. So, the conclusion was … NATed setup was the culprit. Being a nerd – I didn’t give up. And set it back to NAT. This time I added the specific ip address I run my Fedora host on … success.

So, why did this happen ? I really don’t know – my guess is that there is some code that denies access to mysql if there in mysql there is wildcards for the connect rule and the traffic really comes over the loopback interface.

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