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24 September, 2011

… my friday rant …

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God damn – linux community – unite !

By now the kernel is awesome – mainly the desktops guis and prefered package managers for each distro’s are separating us all form a really great thing. We need to get rid of the … special requirements if you run Fedora, Ubuntu whatever – simple things like installing standard common internet applications of today should not need to be a expert linux guru – related issue. It should be available by pressing ONE singe button. ‘AdobeReader’, ‘Flash’, ‘Spotify’ … the list is very long. We need to make it available by a simple click. I’m a RedHat fan. I must admit. I think their way of keeping their focus on the business end is very sane and important for every linux user. In fact. I go even further. Without them linux would not nothing near the popular what is is today. Someone is NOT going to agree on that comment 🙂
Why do I meantion RedHat then ? Well, their goal is ….the other way around. EVERYTHING need to be free. Its their policy, not mine. Sure, you really think that some day that is really going to work ? I would love it to be so – but, no is multi billion dollar industry that is not going to buldge for a 10% user base. Dream on, get over it.

We do have the best kernel, we have the best of everything ( IMO ) – the GUI ( and ofc – API) is keeping us seperated. Yes, I know its is very important, if you prefer A before B, I hate going from A to B myself. But, at least – lets make it easer for the com’s give us a simpler way of integrating their products into our world. No matter of what frigging GUI we need to have it running in.

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