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1 August, 2013

Customize those vim colorschemes – the eazy way

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Came over an absolute god sent tool for a nerd like me. I’ve used Vim for a long time now. But recently I’ve spent some extra time in order to customize and reading up on this awsome editor. In the process I was hunting high and low for a colorscheme that suited my dark (all black) terminal. I found some that where OK, but those I liked the most had some flaws. So, I googled and found this very nice site called Vivify.

I first fooled around with the tool and came up with my very own colorscheme in minutes. It wasn’t perfect, but, then I descied to upload some of my previous favorites. Molokai, Desert256 and Xoria256. Small tweaks and now I cannot descide wich I love the most 😉

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