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26 December, 2016


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Looking at earlier pictures it may seem that I haven’t done much lately. Well, both true and false. I had some issues that isn’t fully resolved. The pf monitor is attached to a VESA bracket. But, this bracket is still allowed to move too easily. What you don’t see is that the legs – all of them has been attached. I planned to put the rest of the hardware into the cab, but, since the original measurements are 18mm plywood and I’ve run with 15mm. That requires me to shim some of the parts in order to make them fit. The flipper buttons are one of these.

I almost 100% sure now, where to put flipper holes but decided that I’ll wait after I’ve been to the shop and know if I’m able to get some solution for my missing 3mm. I will need to do some test cuts for the plunger as well.

So, to put it short. Complete all wood stuff before attaching the rest of the hardware. Don’t want a computer full of crud.

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24 December, 2016

Started putting the cabinet together

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So, I’ve started putting the cabinet together and I must say – it is looking good so far.

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22 December, 2016

Backbox is ok

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Measured the difference of the main cab and it is exactly 3cm. So 2 times 15mm equals the difference. That mean, if I’m not mistaken the fault lies in the non existing 45 degree cuts.

So, I checked the drawings. There where no mentions of 45 degree cuts for the back-box, so, it did a quick measurement. Seems ok to me. I went upstairs and verified the width by placing the hand rail onto the front panel cut. It fitted snugly.

So, soon I’m off again to get that darn 45 degree cut.

Update: 45 degrees cut correctly. Looks to be fitting – but, too tired to start the build today. Beers where calling my name. Haven’t had a good night sleep in days, so, hopefully that will happen tonight and I will be able to start early tomorrow while my wife is at work. I still have some days left of my holiday.

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Cabinet parts produced

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My colleague, Marius, helped me today to cut the cabinet parts. It’s has arrived at my apartment about half an hour ago. We pondered a bit about the sizes from the Williams Widebody drawings since the material used where 18mm instead of 15mm that we had available.

When I put the base cabinet parts together it became quite obvious that something is not 100% correct. The drawing state that we should cut the corners at an 45 angle degree, That can explain some of the reason why the total length looks to be slightly off. And the wood itself is of course when you just mock it up like this – stealing some length as well.

I’ll have to ponder a bit about what to do next. I can’t really cut the sides to smaller lengths either because of the metal rails I have for the glass cover.

Hmm.. To be continued … 🙂

Willams Widebody

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6 December, 2016

Windows and UTC bios time.

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Hmmm. On my gaming comp – I have a multiboot of Fedora and Win7. Time get screwed between those operation systems and by so much that network time daemons refuse to fix it. This, I’m told is the fix to make Windows use UTC Bios time.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation] “RealTimeIsUniversal”=dword:00000001
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30 November, 2016

Monitor ordered

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So, I’ve used a lot of time investigating. What kind of playfield display am I going to go for. I kind of descided on that last week. But, I noticed that the monitor wasn’t going to be available until the 7. December.

But, today – I revisisted some of my pinball links for need to do stuff and noticed, did in fact now have it in stock.

So, I ordered promptly a Philips 43″ 4K LED BDM4350UC with 1.2 3m DSP cable.

I’ve been kind of layed back on the whole build process lately – since I was going to need to wait for this in the first place. Now, I need to start nagging on a collegue of mine that has promised me to help out getting the cabinet built.

Update: Ah crap, seems lied about their status. Now, they suddenly don’t have the monitor in stock again. Estimated arrival at store on the 7. Dec – like before.

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22 November, 2016

Zebs EZ install kit

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So, the stuff I’ve been waiting for has arrived. But, I didn’t get the time to play with it today. Priority to test lag on a regular TV. It was really bad. But, well, it was a 4K TV – 58″, expected it to be crap and no way of setting it to eg. game-mode.

Soon black Friday, will be lookout out for 43″ monitors for sure. Will post more about this kit at a later date.



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14 November, 2016

Good news and testing of the AMP

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So, last Wednesday evening I was kind of bored after staying home being sick – and, wife was not at home either. Hmmm … I had this Amplifier that I hadn’t had the time to test yet. So, I cut myself some short speaker cables and went to work. The sub will be facing downwards, so, I kind of emulated that by putting it upside down on the floor and laid a bit of the cable underneath on of the edges. Your see me test the following tables. Sword of Fury, Tales of the Arabian Night, Terminator 2 and Sopranos.

I used rest of that evening to secure the GPU better. I might go with it as it is right now.

Further, today I got the mail I have been waiting for. Steve had forgotten to write down my telephone number, so he asked by mail, confirming that it will be shipped tomorrow. So, maybe. I will get the parts I’ve really been anxious to get my hands on next weekend ?

Update : Uh, got a SMS today – saying that the parcel is expected to arrive on the 18th. That I don’t believe.

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3 November, 2016

Parts arrived and trying out stuff

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So, a couple of days ago I got the shipment from VirtuaPin. The most exciting item was definitely the DMD. But, also the AMP is kind of cool. The later, I haven’t really setup yet. I change the electrical socket from US standard to EU, but, it is still just relaxing in the corner of my now so untidy room. I fear my wife will kick my ass out the door the day this build is finished …


I’ve been a Desktop VP player for years. Going from that setup to use a DMD had some tweaks that I’m going to redo once I’m working with the real computer that will control the cab. One thing I learned. If you plan to use a PSU, without it being connected to a computer, you will have to short the green and the adjacent black cable in order for the PSU to start to deliver any power.

First, to run in native full screen, since I’ve been running a lot of tables in beforehand, there are some registry changes that can be done. You need to change, for the current version of VP at least, the registry entry for ddraw to 0.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\lotr]

– or, you could do it in one sweep … add this key to

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\default]

Another thing you might need to do for some tables is the change in the script, .hidden = True.

I’ve also made a note to myself that I really need to make sure that the table monitor needs to be at the same Hz as the back-plane monitor. I expect that to become 60Hz. Having a hard time to find any Monitor or TV in around 43-46″ with higher refresh rates that hasn’t been reported to have bad frame lags. I’m currently considering going for a 43″ monitor, but, it is not set in stone just yet. Right at this moment, the monitor in question is not readily available to buy. Expected mid November.

I emailed Steve about the parts I’ve ordered from zebsboards. He told me that he expected the set to be completed and shipped by the end of this week. If that is true, I might get the parts by the end of next week.

Another note to myself, not really pinball related is that … if for some reason you can’t upload files to a samba server – or should I say, only very small files but download is OK. Then, it might be that you need to turn off “Large Send Offload” under the Advanced NIC settings. I must have used a couple of hours before I found this to be the culprit.

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21 October, 2016

While waiting for the parts …

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Being the pinball nerd I am. I’m going to study this video – time and time again. The latest VP version and work from freneticamnesic is amazing.

Wish there where more this detailed tutorials out there.

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